Underground Drainage Installation

This informative video covers all the basics of Underground Drainage Installation. Learn how to install a Floplast Drainage System with flexible inlet inspection chamber and bend to reduce fitting time.

This underground drainage system is compatible with all other plastic systems and is simple to install. You will need the follow equipment to install your drainage system: spirit level, hack-saw, tape measure, goggles, file, spade/mini digger, silicone spray, work bench, marker pen, high-vis jacket, hard hat, pea shingle, solid support i.e concrete slab.

How To Install Underground Drainage

  1. Dig your trench to the British Standards and Building Regulations 
  2. Drop pea shingle in to form the pipe bed.
  3. Plan out where all the major components will fit. 
  4. Measure and cut your pipe, chamfering it to a 45 degree angle and join the components together using a silicon lubricant to seal the fitting. 
  5. Backfill with pea shingle up to the crown of the pipe work, then fill the rest with the soil you dug out earlier. 

Watch the video for a more detailed overview of installation.