Gullies - How, Why And Where To Use Them

Gullies can be confusing - there are a number of different types and options available. This short video will help to decide which the correct one for your installation is.

All gullies are used to connect a pipe into an underground drainage system without allowing any smells to penetrate back into the air. Water flows down through the body of the gully, out through a higher outlet, which leaves a body of water below the outlet level to prevent any smells from penetrating through. This video discusses the two main types of gully:

P Trap Gully

We have two types of P Traps available, one with a 90 degree outlet and one with a 45 degree outlet. Both require a connected hopper using a piece of 100mm drainage pipe. The water flows down through the middle of the gully, underneath a central chamber and back up through the outlet pipe. P Trap gullies or not roddable.

Bottle Gully

The bottle gully works on the same principle as the P Trap gully, except it is roddable. The central chamber within the trap is removable, making it easier to clean the gully. Find out more about both types of gully in the video.

Items you will need

  1. Drainage Bottle Gully Circular Grid - 110mm
    1. Code BG510
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  2. Drainage Bottle Gully Square Grid - 110mm
    1. Code BG520
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  3. Drainage Bottle Gully Back Inlet Circular Grid - 110mm
    1. Code BG540
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