How Do I Clean Out And Rod A Bottle Gully?

  1. Firstly, remove the black plastic grid. The grid is only a push fit, but if it has been in place for some time you may have to carefully lever it off with a screwdriver. Once the grid is off, place your hand down inside the centre of the gully as far as it will go - you may wish to wear gloves for this part!
  2. Move your hand to one side and it will come into contact with the inner central chamber wall. There is a gap at the bottom of this chamber that the water flows through - it is this gap that enables the trap seal to be formed. Put your fingers under the bottom of the chamber wall, grasp it firmly and pull upwards. The inner chamber will come out, leaving you clear access to clean out any sediment from the main body of the gully and enabling you to push a drain rod through the outlet connection if you need to clear any blockages downstream.
  3. Once the gully is clean and free from sediment, the central chamber can be replaced and the grid pushed back into position.

For more information on all types of gullies please watch our short video below.

Items you will need

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  2. Drainage Bottle Gully Square Grid - 110mm
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