What Is Meant By Foul And Surface Water Drainage?

What is the difference between Foul and Surface Water Drainage?

Put basically, Foul Drainage is the system of pipework that carries waste water away from a bathroom, kitchen or utility room. For all properties connected to mains drainage, foul sewers will eventually transfer the contents of the drainage system to a local sewage treatment plant.

Surface Water Drains are used to carry away rainwater from gutters, patios & driveways, roads and sports fields. The rainwater, which is not contaminated and hence is not harmful, will be transported to a stream, a river or a soakaway.

Unless you live in an old property which is connected to a combined drainage system (where both foul and surface water run through one set of pipes), foul drainage and surface water should always be kept apart in completely separate drainage systems.

Foul & Surface Water Drainage

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