Channel Drainage Garage Packs

In addition to all of the individual channels and sections, Channel Drainage can also be purchased in a handy Garage Pack. Supplied in a neat package, Garage Packs contain exactly the right amount of components to install a drainage channel in front of a standard domestic garage. The kit is comprised of three 1m interlocking channels, one end cap and one end outlet. Garage packs can be purchased with the option of either a galvanised or a black polypropylene grating - both have the same loading capacity and are suitable for driveway use.

Channel Drainage Garage Pack

Keep that Garage Dry!

Whatever you keep in your garage - your car, the kids bikes, overspill from the house or perhaps even something more special like that MGB you always wanted, the priority is to keep it secure and dry. Unlike household doors, garage doors are not fitted with cills or weatherbar, so any collected rain will by blown under the bottom edge of the door - this is a common issue in garages that lack drains in front of the opening. The rain will probably not penetrate far into the garage but crucially it won't go away until it dries out - creating the ideal conditions for rust and damp to take hold. By removing the water in the first place you remove this hazard.

Protect Your Garage Door

Re-painting (or even worse, replacing) your garage door is a laborious task. Rain that splashes or washes up against the garage door will cause cosmetic or structural damage in a fairly short period of time. On a galvanised door the paint will flake, and on a timber door the wood will change colour and possibly warp. By putting the barrier of a linear drain across the threshold, the rain is carried away into the drain channel before it can come into contact with the bottom of the door, keeping the structure sound and the appearance smart.

Channel Drain Garage Kit

Does The Garage Pack Fit All Sizes Of Garage

The pack contains enough drainage for a 3m wide door, which is usual for a domestic single garage. If your door is wider than this you can simply add additional lengths of channel to make up the exact width. The end channel can be cut down if required to give you an exact fit to your door.

Is Channel Drainage Difficult To Install

No, channel drains can be installed by anyone competent at DIY. To make things simple for you we have produced a full purchasing and installation guide.

Will This Garage Pack Work For Commercial Garages

No, for commercial applications you should install heavy duty channel drains, which have greater load capacities. Please visit our Commercial Channel Drainage page where you can browse and purchase products with a load capacity right up to 90 tonnes - strong enough to support airport traffic!

Airport Channel Drainage

Items you will need

  1. Channel Drainage Polypropylene / Ductile Iron Class C250 - 25 Tonne x 1mtr Length

    ON BACK ORDER - Please contact us for availability and alternatives

    1. Code CD437
    £59.44 £71.33
  2. Drainage Bend Single Socket - 87.5 Degree x 110mm
    1. Code RB4M
    £3.10 £3.72 £3.35 Save -11%
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