Channel Drainage Installation - Key Points

  1. Channel Drain should be laid in a trench that allows for a bed of 50mm of compacted sand, and a sidefill of 100mm of concrete on each side.
  2. Each length should be laid to a fall of 1:200 (5mm per 1m length).
  3. The installation should start at the lowest point, where the channel drainage should be connected to a 110mm Drainage Pipe using either an End Outlet or the integral bottom outlet. The outflow should be connected to the surface water drainage system or a suitable soakaway.
  4. Working away from the outlet, additional lengths are added using the integral interlocking joiners. All joints and end caps should be sealed using silicon sealant.
  5. The final length (at the highest point of the installation) can be cut to length if required using a hacksaw. An End Cap

Items you will need

  1. FloPlast Channel Drainage Corner PVC
    1. Code D710
    £18.90 £22.68 £21.00 £25.20 Save 10%
  2. FloPlast Channel Drainage End Cap
    1. Code D711
    £6.64 £7.97 £7.38 £8.86 Save 10%
  3. FloPlast Channel Drainage End Outlet
    1. Code D712
    £7.56 £9.07 £8.40 £10.08 Save 10%
  4. FloPlast Channel Drainage Corner Galvanised Steel
    1. Code D720
    £22.71 £27.25 £25.23 £30.28 Save 10%