Producing Clear Water From Wastewater

Our Graf one2clean products only need 3 simple steps to produce clear water. The wastewater treatment is carried out in just one chamber in just one tank. This eliminates the need for any unnecessary pumping processes and sludge

Sewage Treatment Plant - Aeration Phase

1. Aeration Phase

The wastewater arrives directly into the tank where it enters the biological zone - there is no need for any pumping processes. Aeration of the entire container leads to immediate wastewater activation. The micro-organisms begin bilogical cleaning processes right away.

Sewage Treatment Plant - Settling Phase

2. Settling Phase

Aeration is then interrupted by the control unit, the activated sludge sinks to the bottom of the tank while grease and oils rise to the top of the wastwater in the tank. A clear water zone develops in the upper part of the container.

Sewage Treatment Plant - Clear Water Extraction Phase

3. Clear Water Extraction Phase

The treated water is extracted from the system and the cleaning process begins once more. The final process of the one2clean produces an odourless, clear treated water for extraction to soakaway or waterway.

This is all happens in a 12 hour cycle time.

An Odourless Solution To Cleaning Waste

All wastewater is immediately aired using the unique one2clean technology. The final process produced an odourless, clear treated water ready for extraction to soakaway or watercourse.These plants can achieve sustainable discharge values with an efficiency factor of up to 99% making sure that they already meet the needs of tomorrow.

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