Terravault Root Protection System - 5 SQM Shallow Flat Packed

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Terravault Root Protection System - 5 SQM Shallow Flat Packed
Terravault Root Protection System - 5 SQM Shallow Flat Packed
Terravault Root Protection System - 5 SQM Shallow Flat Packed
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Code 30003SQM5
EAN Code 0691208256513
Brand Rainsmart
Material Recycled Polypropylene
Pack Size 5 SQM
Style Flexible
Tonne Loading 20 Tonne
Dimension 2.86m (L) x 2m (W) x 0.44m (D)
Lateral Load (Tonnes per sqm) 2924
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5SQM Terravault System

The Terravault is a modular cellular confinement crate system that provides protection for the roots of trees from traffic (pedestrian and vehicle).

This system contains 14 crates and is designed to be laid 5 crates wide by 4 crates long - the middle (3 crates wide x 2 crates long) should be left open for the root.  

When sizing your Terravault Tree Root protection system, please note that the square meterage of the system installed should be approximately the size of the canopy of the tree.

The Terravault 5SQM root protection system is available in shallow, double and triple crate options.

- Shallow - for use in sandy soil conditions
- Double - for use in normal soil conditions
- Triple - for use in heavy soil conditions

All modules should be laid in the excavation with the tops off, modules should be filled with nutrient-rich soil to act as a slow-release fertiliser continually feeding the root structure. The top capped plates can then be attached.

Please note that all edges and the top of the system should be capped using the closed end plates in order to stop the root from encroaching in areas where you don't want roots to grow. For full installation instructions, please take a look at our installation guide.  

5 small plates (mix of small internal access and small Ellipse small plates) and 4 large plates (mix of Terravault and closed Ellipse large plate) are needed per module.

A root barrier should also be used on the closed sides for added protection.


Terravault Tree Root Protection

Benefits of installing Terravault modules

  • Modules can be laid in whatever formation is required capping off areas where you don't want roots to encroach - no other product on the market works in this way
  • Without Terravault the surface could become over compact and rutted resulting in not enough oxygen and nutrients getting to the roots - ultimately killing the tree
  • Prevents root damage - open matrix provides an area for maximum growth the crate completely absorbs all loads
  • Allows roots to grow via path of least resistance (through the open plates in the Terravault module) means roots don't grow up and cause dips and cracks to the with pavement
  • Arrives in flat-packed to save on space on site as well as delivery. Installation is quick and easy without the need of any specialist machinery.

For more information about the Terravault or for more advice related to your specific project please get in touch today.