Underground Grease Trap - 255 Litre

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Underground Grease Trap - 255 Litre
Underground Grease Trap - 255 Litre
Underground Grease Trap - 255 Litre
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This underground grease trap, manufactured by Turtle Enviro, has a working capacity of 255 litres and is designed for kitchens and small restaurant buildings to help prevent blockages and flooding of a drainage or sewage system. The trap does this by filtering out FOGS from the wastewater (fats, oils and greases) after it enters the trap through a sink or drain, before letting it into the drainage or sewage treatment system through a 110mm pipe.


As warm wastewater enters the trap through the inlet, it will come into contact with cold or tepid water that is already in the trap. When this happens, immiscible liquids within the wastewater such as oil, grease and fat will ascend to the top of the water level where they are left to cool down and begin to solidify. Any solid food sediment that has entered the trap will sink to the base and settle.

The clean water will then be allowed to flow through the middle of the trap and be discharged through the outlet into a 110mm pipe.


  • Arrives in one piece and factory assembled
  • 50+ years life expectancy
  • Connects with 110mm drainage pipes
  • Complies with BS EN 1825 specification
  • Quick and easy installation process
  • Large access cover allows for easy maintenance access
  • Corrosion free