Inspection Chamber Complete Set With Polypropylene Cover - 450mm Diameter For 110mm Drainage

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This chamber set includes all of the components required to form a 450mm diameter inspection chamber - one base section, two 235mm sectional risers and a circular polypropylene cover and frame.

The overall depth of the chamber from the invert level to the top of the manhole cover is 800mm. If you need to make small adjustments to the height then the sectional risers may be cut to size using a standard fine-toothed saw. Alternatively if you need to increase the height of the chamber you can add more D916 risers up to a height of 1200mm with the standard cover and frame (or up to 3m if you use a CLKS499 access restrictor).

The main channel of the base is left open and the side inlets are blanked off with integral blanking plugs - simply remove the blanking plug by pushing it out from within the base to open and use the side inlets.

The cover has a 35Kn load rating making it suitable for use in domestic driveways.

For more information on this product, please watch the brief video below. 

Looking to use an Inspection Chamber at change of direction for an underground drainage pipe run? Then please watch the video below for a detailed explanation.