Is Geotextile Membrane the Same as Terram?

What is Geotextile Membrane? 

Geotextile membranes are pieces of fabric used to reinforce soil and prevent damage either to the soil or installations underneath it. From here, they can assist in protection for drainage and engineering projects. 

Geotextile membrane is available in two varieties, woven and non-woven. 

Woven: Woven geotextile is made through weaving tapes of polypropylene together. The crossover pattern makes this membrane incredibly strong, and it has low water permeability, limiting its capabilities in drainage situations. Woven geotextile is better used under patios and paths, where the membrane must be hardwearing yet economical. 

Non-Woven: Non-woven geotextile membrane is created by thermally bonding polypropylene fibres. This fabric lets water through at an increased rate and is easier to cut, therefore is the go-to for drainage and ground stabilisations applications. 

Is Geotextile Membrane the same as Terram? 

In short, kind of. Whilst the names should not be used interchangeably for the same product, Terram is a brand name for a certain manufacturer of geotextile membrane. Terram produces a range of geotextile membrane called Terram, but it is not a name in itself to refer to all types and brands of geotextile membrane. 

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