Introduction To Our Nero Permeable Paving

Our Rainsmart permeable paving units are innovative, low maintenance, and easy to install. The pave provides a permeable surface for parking or driving on giving the flexibility to create car parks and access roads anywhere.

Nero Pave is a 50mm paving system that allows you to create a permeable surface for parking or driving on. Made from 90% recycled polypropylene and 10% proprietary mix, each module is 500mm x 600mm in size and comes with integral tongue and groove clips for fast and easy installation.

The compressive strength of 225 tonnes per square metre means that it can be used under the heaviest of loads, yet the innovative design ensures that the structure also protects vegetation from compaction. 

A high void ratio (95%) means lots of space for root development and stormwater infiltration, meaning that surfaces installed with Nero Pave can reduce or eliminate the need for more traditional stormwater structures.

Due to its high load-bearing capacity, the paving can also be used for access lanes and fire roads in addition to parking. The high-confined crush strength of our permeable paving offers a fast, economically feasible, and proven solution for this application.

Nero Permeable Paving Applications

Rainsmart 50mm Nero Pave Cell is a lightweight, yet incredibly strong Cell panel, ready to be filled with Gravel or Soil mix  to create an aesthetically pleasing natural Green or Gravel surface to drive on for:

  • Overflow and stadium event parking
  • Church parking
  • Green driveway
  • Gravel car park and driveways
  • Parking aisles and bays
  • Vehicle storage yards
  • Loading dock areas
  • Trails for multiple uses 
  • Outdoor bulk storage areas
  • Infiltration basins
  • High-use pedestrian areas
  • Utility access ways
  • On street parking - grass shoulders
  • Golf buggy paths
  • Erosion control

When used on grass the unique 3D cell structure allows both vertical and horizontal root growth which ensures grassroots remain healthy after installation.

Permeable Grass Paving

On gravel, the structure of the paving provides perfect containment of the gravel meaning that large parking surfaces can be maintenance-free.


Nero Pave Permeable Gravel Paving

Nero Permeable Paving Technical Details

Dimensions 500mm (W) x 600m (L) x 50mm (D)
Surface Void Area > 90%
Internal Void Area 95%
Material 90% Recycled Polypropylene + 10% propriety mix
Colour Black
Biological & Chemical Resistance Unaffected by moulds and algae, soil-borne chemicals, bacteria and bitumen, oils & light acid, alkaline solutions
Service Temperature -10 to 85 degrees C
Compressive Strength / Ultimate Load 225 tonnes / m2
Flow Rate 23.5 l/ms @ 1% gradient

Advantages of Nero Permeable Paving

  • Extreme Strength - Strongest product in the market with load carrying up to 235 tonnes/m2
  • Provides Protection - Protective casing around grass module makes regeneration of surface quick and efficient
  • Environmentally Friendly - Made from selected Recycled Polypropylene
  • Effective Roof Growth - Cell structure allows for 3D root growth ensuring healthy grass
  • Easy Installation - Lightweight fit in modules using tongue & groove clips - no machinery needed
  • Creating a Permeable Surface - Water infiltrates through profile reducing stormwater run-off

Items you will need

  1. Rainsmart Nero Pave 50 SQM - Pack of 168
    1. Code 70001PK168
    £954.46 £1,145.35
  2. Rainsmart Nero Pave 200 SQM - Pack of 672
    1. Code 70001PK672
    £3,918.93 £4,702.72
  3. Rainsmart Nero Pave - 50mm - Pack of 8
    1. Code 70001PK8
    £49.14 £58.97
  4. Rainsmart Nero Pave 24 SQM - Pack of 80
    1. Code 70001PK80
    £466.79 £560.15