PuraTank Calmed Inlet Drainage Pack

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PuraTank Calmed Inlet Drainage Pack
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EAN Code 0755907208348
Brand Atlantis Tanks
Colour Blue
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When put together, the components of this pack are designed to act as a filter on rainwater before it enters an underground water storage tank, preventing it from becoming odorous and stained. The calmed inlet also slows down the velocity of the rainwater before it enters the tank and allows water to enter at the lower part of the system. This means that the sediment at the bottom of the tank is not disturbed and the water in the rank is kept fresh for longer due to the supply of oxygenated water being replenished from the top.

Pack Contents

  • A rodent guard, not only for protecting the internal water from rodents but also any large debris that could contaminate the tank contents.
  • A calmed inlet, which slows down rainwater as it enters the tank to prevent it from stirring up the contents.
  • A patronen filter, which is for helping excess dirt and sediment be rinsed straight through into the overflow thanks to it’s smooth surface and level drop. Although the filter is self-cleaning, we do recommend regular inspection which is a simple process in and of itself.
  • A service duct for allowing electrical or mechanical connections access to the tank.