Rain Bloc 60 Tonne Soakaway and Attenuation Set With Silt Trap & Lid - 0.9 Cubic Metres

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Code G4110M3K
EAN Code 0755907201684
Brand Graf
Colour Black
Length 1200mm
Material Polypropylene
Pack Size Assembled
Style Soakaway Set With Silt Trap
Tonne Loading 60
Dimension 1200 (L) x 1800 (W) x 420mm (D)
Storage Volume 855 Litres
Soakaway Depth 420mm
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The Rain Bloc compact 300 soakaway 0.9 cubic metre set includes 3 Rain Bloc soakaway crates and enough membrane to cover the crates on all sides as well as a silt trap to act as a prefilter. Crates can either be stacked or laid next to each other. 

This crate can be used in both infiltration and attenuation systems. Using the crate stormwater is collected before being held in the crates where water is held and then can either disperse into the ground or be fed back into the mains network. 

  • The flexibility of the Rain Bloc makes it ideal for use in both domestic and commercial projects.
  • Crates are 1200mm (L) x 600mm (W) x 420mm (D) and manufactured from 100% Polypropylene - three together can either be stacked making the soakaway 1200mm (L) x 600mm (W) x 1260mm (D) or laid out next to each other making the soakaway either 1200mm (L) x 1800mm (W) x 420mm (D) or 3600mm (L) x 600mm (W) x 420mm (D)
  • Clips to connect the crate either vertically or laterally are provided
  • Flexible connection options are available with cutouts to fit the necessary pipe as needed
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • High load-bearing capacity with a vertical loading of 60 tonne
  • 95% void ratio - giving a 285-litre capacity per crate - 855-litres in total

Installation of your soakaway crates

The Rain Bloc can be installed in rows or block form and stackable up to 10 crates high. Crates should be installed to a maximum installation depth of 5 metres (with never more than 3 metres of top cover).

Module installation itself is fast and easy without the need for specialist heavy equipment. 

To find out more about your soakaway installation, take a look at our soakaway installation guide.

Turtle Enviro Silt Trap

The Turtle Enviro soakaway silt traps are more technical and efficient than standard silt buckets as they work with a filter/mesh system to properly filter the water (however, as with regular silt traps, these also require regular cleaning out to avoid any blockages). 

Designed specifically for sitting upstream of smaller modular / crate type attenuation systems, the silt sentinel series has a removable integral silt basket which sits just below the inlet pipe. The basket capacity is around 24kg, so can be lifted by one person for regular maintenance.

We recommend using a silt trap with every soakaway installation to prevent build up within the attenuation systems. Highly recommended in areas where there is the potential of high levels of silt and sand, eg. coastal and heavily landscaped hard standing areas.