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Our pack of 80 Nero Drainage Cells covers an area of 24 square metres. Each individual cell measures 600mm (L) x 500mm (W) x 30mm (D)

Our Nero Drainage Cells, manufactured from recycled plastics, have a wide variety of uses. They are lightweight and easy to transport and carry but have a high load bearing capacity up to 150 tonnes per m2.

Key uses for Nero Cell are as follows;

  • In conjunction with soakaway crates, to increase the soil contact area, ideal for soakaway applications in heavier soils
  • As an underdrain to capture and discharge rising ground water and eliminate hydrostatic build up
  • As a liner for planter boxes and roof gardens, removing excess water and retaining water in the cup structure for passive irrigation in drier periods.
  • To create a horizontal drainage layer under paved areas and podium slabs
  • In streetscaping applications, in conjunction with Rainsmart soakaway crates
  • In sports field drainage applications, in conjunction with Rainsmart soakaway crates
  • As a capillary break in saltwater environments, protecting planting from the destructive forces of rising salt water.

Nero Cell's unique cup structure holds water for passive irrigation in drier periods, whilst any excess water is removed by the multi-directional vortex flow through the drainage cell. Nero creates a perfect void for the draining of water, as there is no obstruction to the horizontal flow of water inside the cell structure.

Nero Cells are a lightweight, efficient equivalent to traditional gravel drains.