Sampling & Distribution Chamber - 300mm Diameter Accesso with 110mm or 160mm Inlet / Outlet & 110mm Side Distribution Channels with Lid

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Code ASDC30015SP
EAN Code 0755907207082
Brand Turtle Enviro
Colour Black
Material Polyethylene One Piece
Dimension 1465mm (Depth) | 1225mm (Depth to Invert) | 1440mm (Depth to Outlet)
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Single piece - 350mm Sampling & Distribution Chamber with 110mm or 160mm main inlet and outlet and two 110mm side distribution outlet with square section A15 loading access cover.

This combined sampling and distribution chamber comes as a one-piece unit and is ready to install with no assembly required. Featuring a robust, impact-resistant moulded base it comes with a choice of 110mm and 160mm main pipe connections. There are also two further 110mm moulded spigots at 90 degrees. It comes with a square section lockable access cover - A15 loading.

  • Depth with cover: 1465mm
  • Inlet Invert: 1225mm
  • Supplied with A15 loading- square lockable access cover.



Features and Benefits of Sampling & Distribution Chamber:

  • One piece - Factory-built unit
  • Robust - Impact-resistant rota moulded base
  • Manufactured using Chemical Resistant Plastic
  • Lightweight - No machinery or lifting equipment required
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Option of 110/160mm inlet and outlet
  • Meets all Water Company and Building Regulations
  • Level invert outlet - (No Sump)
  • Three 110mm outlets for distribution to drainage field
  • Inlet has 210mm step from inlet to outlet sampling point
  • 75mm internal throat for easier sampling
  • Depths can be increased if required
  • Robust Lockable Access Cover provided
  • Granular installation
  • 60-year Design Life
  • Manufactured in the UK

Complies Building Regulations - H2 1.23 - the sampling of septic tanks and wastewater treatment plants is a requirement of all UK Water Companies, and is included in the 'Consent to Discharge' issued by the Environment Agency.

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