Silt SILTBLOK - 450mm Diameter x 1990mm Deep with 150 -225mm Outlets

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Silt SILTBLOK - 450mm Diameter x 1990mm Deep with 150 -225mm Outlets
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Code SSSB5002
EAN Code 0755907207891
Brand Turtle Enviro
Colour Black
Material Polyethylene moulded base section with PVC Risers
Style Silt Trap
Dimension 500mm Diameter x 2000mm Deep
Specification SfA9
Size 2000mm
Pipe Fit For 110mm - 300mm Pipe
Chamber Depth 1957mm
Inlet Invert 1627mm
Outlet Invert 1657mm
£996.00 £830.00
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The SSSB5002 Silt SILTBLOK with a unique filter barrier.

The SSSB5002 Silt SILTBLOK is a 450mm diameter chamber with a filter barrier, designed for installation upstream of large volume, cellular/crate – attenuation systems, ponds, swales and irrigation systems.

  • Diameter - 450mm
  • Depth - 1990mm
  • Inlets / Outlets - choice of 150 - 225mm
  • Inlet invert - 1475mm

This SILTBLOK filters out sediment to help prevent blockages thus ensuring longevity and efficiency of the drainage system, as well as preventing flooding of any attenuation, swales or irrigation systems.

Integrally the SILTBLOK unit has a unique filter barrier, which is made up of four microporous plastic sections, which are manufactured from 100% waste plastics.

This unique and innovative filter design will drain water very quickly but the structure retains water which helps repel silt. This means that the screen will not clog, offering an exceptional yet simple sustainable solution. The filter has a permeable area of 50%, so provides exceptional flow, whilst blocking up to 99.9% of even the finest of silt.

Chambers can be supplied with a fitted ladder if required.

For pipework over Ø 300mm it is POA (Price on Application), please get in touch for more information.