How To Connect A Waste Pipe Into A Soil Pipe (PDF)

There are a number of different ways of connecting a waste pipe into a soil pipe, all of which use connectors known as boss fittings. A boss fitting uses an adaptor (32mm, 40mm or 50mm depending upon the waste pipe size) to connect into the side of the soil pipe. Bosses are included on some fittings, such as soil branches, but to connect a waste pipe into the side of a plain soil pipe you can either use a Boss Pipe or a Strap-on-Boss. The Boss Pipe requires a small section of the soil pipe to be removed, where as the Strap-on-Boss only requires a circular hole to be cut into the side of the Soil Pipe.

The instructions below detail how to use the Strap-on-Boss, available in Black, Grey and White. To download a printable copy, please click on any of the images below.

How to Connect a Waste Pipe Into a Soil Pipe

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