What Methods Are Used For Road Drainage?

Stormwater runoff from roads can have a serious impact on local ecosystems. It is therefore imperative that appropriate systems are in place to enhance road drainage. 

By creating a well-designed soakaway system you can help enhance both water quality and reduce water quantity. 

Its impact on water quantity

Changes to water quantity (stormwater runoff volumes) result from increased impermeable surfaces which can lead to higher peak flow rates in watercourses after discharge.

This increase disturbs local habitats and can cause the loss of species that are unsuited to such conditions.

Up to 70% of the impermeable areas in urban environments is for transport, although only about 40-50% is associated with roads, and a much smaller area is attributed to main roads and freeways. The transport sector is clearly responsible for a large proportion of the peak flow impacts in urban areas.

The use of proper subsoil drainage systems will enhance road life and performance. Infiltration & reuse measures such as Grass swale, Bio-retention basins, and rain gardens for the treatment of road runoff has the potential to yield significant gains in both quality and quantity of road run off.

Its impact on water quality