Large vs Small Scale Sustainable Drainage

Sustainable drainage can be implemented in a number of different ways depending on the size of the project in hand.

Some methods will work far better for homes and gardens, whereas others will be more suited to industrial sites or large expanses of land.

Large Scale

Large scale SuDS are likely to cover multiple developments or large areas of land, where everything from size to amount of equipment is increased.

They will often drain to a large body of water such as an ocean or lake.

They are usually in the forms of wetlands or wet basins, as they can often be used in more rural areas, or retention ponds and mass soakaway systems.

Small Scale

Smaller scale sustainable drainage can be implemented in personal properties such as gardens and local communal areas, as well as smaller industrial sites.

A lot of the time, they will tend to use the same methods and products as large scale drainage, but installation will be quicker and over a smaller area.

Quite often, smaller scale drainage is in urban environments where there are already precautions in place against excess rainwater, there is just more than can be done to make this process more sustainable, for example recycling this rainwater for irrigation purposes later on.

Examples of the types of SuDS used on a small scale may be soakaway crates in playing fields, permeable paving in car parks or attenuation systems with soakaways and membranes in gardens and under driveways.

The type of sustainable drainage methods and equipment used will depend entirely on the requirements of the area, but there is a clear distinction between SuDS on a small scale in personal properties, and on a large scale in big developments.

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