Site Starter Pack Including Inspection Chambers - 110mm Large

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Site Starter Pack (Large) Including Inspection Chambers

This larger version of our Site Starter Pack, which includes 2 mini access chambers and 1 450mm chamber, takes the hassle out of trying to work out exactly which fittings you are likely to need for your drain runs. 

This pack contains of double the amount of fittings included with the SSP1 kit plus an adjustable bend (always handy on site) and 3 socket plugs to enable open drain runs to be capped off and protected during the early construction phase. This pack also includes 3 complete Inspection Chambers - two mini access chambers and one 450mm inspection chamber, all complete with bases risers and lids.Other fittings such as gullies and inspection chambers can also be added at this stage if required.

You can learn more about installing Underground Drainage Systems here or read up on Inspection Chambers here.

Please note that our site starter packs do not contain pipe which can be ordered separately.

Pack Contents;

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