An Introduction To Mini Access Chambers

Mini Access Chambers are commonly used near to the head of the drain where the depth is still shallow. We explain the options that are available and how and where to use them.

Our mini access chambers can be used to an invert depth of 600mm (the distance from ground level to the inside of the bottom of the pipe).

Our 450mm chamber can be used to an invert depth of 1200mm when used with a standard 450mm cover, or 3m when used with a restricted access cover.

Side risers are used to increase the height of the inspection chamber. These risers can be can be cut down at indicated points to give a more accurate height. Covers and frames should be adjusted to the finished ground level and placed set of a bed of concrete of at least 50mm in depth.

Side branches of inspection chambers should not be used to change direction of the main flow, as a self cleansing flow through the chamber cannot be guaranteed. Should a change of direction be required, single socket bends should be sited at the point of entry to the chamber.

Inspection Chambers should be installed on a suitable bed dependent upon the quality of the trench and the backfill materials.

Items you will need

  1. Inspection Chamber Set - 300mm Diameter
    1. Code D300MH1
    £55.77 £66.92 £69.71 £83.65 Save 20%
  2. Inspection Chamber Set Internal Use - 300mm Diameter
    1. Code D300MH3
    £123.52 £148.22 £154.40 £185.28 Save 20%
  3. Inspection Chamber Riser - 200mm Depth x 300mm Diameter
    1. Code D822
    £21.46 £25.75 £26.82 £32.18 Save 20%
  4. Inspection Chamber Set Double Sealed - 300mm Diameter
    1. Code DMH3005
    £67.76 £81.31 £84.70 £101.64 Save 20%
  5. Inspection Chamber Set Block Paving - 300mm Diameter
    1. Code M300MH2
    £94.72 £113.66 £118.40 £142.08 Save 20%
  6. Inspection Chamber Set Level Invert - 250mm Diameter
    1. Code M300MH4
    £87.57 £105.08 £109.46 £131.35 Save 20%